Our niche is two-fold:


1. To assist those entities and investments worthy of funding but too often neglected or unrealistically labeled as unworthy by the large, mainstream institutions and players.


2. To assist those entities and individuals in need of a long term solution or a quick fix that requires creativity, relationships and the courage to operate under the radar when necessary. The term “fixer” is not used in the pejorative sense here but rather worn as a badge of honor.


To accomplish either of the forgoing, an Open Range team is formed to…


-listen and understand an individual, entity, ownership and/or management

-identify key issues

-provide an independent, objective analysis of the situation

-help craft a realistic and cost effective plan to realize the desired goal.


We can work alongside those already advising on the matter and collaborate without ego or need for public recognition.


We will utilize our considerable reputations and relationships on behalf of a client.


We earn our compensation from any one or a combination of fees, points or equity relative to the specific matter at hand; all established in advance and memorialized by a Letter of Engagement.

 “Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless and add what is specifically your own.”

                                                   - Bruce Lee

Open Range Advisors

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